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Possible Star Trek 2 title revealed?

8 Sep

According to the uber geek site, TrekMovie, it says it’s now confirmed via multiple sources that the title is indeed Star Trek Into Darkness: “According to sources, the creative team are still working on how they will officially roll out this new title. The first acknowledgement will likely be made with some kind of visual treatment, either a type treatment for the title or possibly even a teaser poster or image. Indications are that this official roll out should be coming soon.” 

“Into Darkness”? Reminds me of that crappy Mel Gibson flick…Oh wait, that was “Edge of Darkness”. Well…Still not quite sure what to make of it although I do give JJ Abramms huge kudos for always managing to keep his productions very top secret. I guess if more was known of the plot the title would make a bit more sense. Sound off what you think of the possible new Star Trek 2 title. Is it cool? Does it blow? Do you care?



Questions of Empathy in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

3 Sep

Questions of Empathy in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”.

Retro Review : “Pink Floyd The Wall”. Just nod if you can hear me!

2 Sep

Retro Review : “Pink Floyd The Wall”. Just nod if you can hear me!.

Retro Review : “Pink Floyd The Wall”. Just nod if you can hear me!

2 Sep

“So ya
Thought ya
Might like to go to the show.
To feel the warm thrill of confusion
That space cadet glow.
Tell me is something eluding you, sunshine?
Is this not what you expected to see?
If you wanna find out what’s behind these cold eyes
You’ll just have to claw your way through this disguise.” – R. Waters

And with that begins the 92 minute opus based on one of the greatest, if not the greatest, concept album ever realized!

But it was released some 30 years ago. Why bring it up now? Well…Why fucking not? A work of art this important deserves all the attention it can get. And as sit here writing this I’m playing the album loud while my little girls play nearby. I’m very deliberate in the exposure because I want them to absorb it’s brilliant nuances at their ripe young ages. “Mother will she tear your little boy apart? Mother will she break my heart?”

For those of you too young or…for whatever reason, have not watched the Wall, please do so now! It’s available on every format imaginable; VHS, Laserdisc, HD DVD, Blu Ray, Betamax, iTunes…you name it! And when you watch it ensure there are no interruptions. Turn off your cell, dim the lights and crank the motherfucker up loud. You will need to watch more than once. The first time to get the plot of a narcissistic rocker named Pink. Who, as a kid, was brought up by his old and out of date mother having lost his father to the war. He grew up in a ‘world within a world’, not being able to assimilate with other kids his age and longing for a love and attention that constantly eluded him, Pink, of course, develops a talent for songwriting and attains fame. With that fame his descent into madness because absolute and the rest you can experience on your own.

After the first viewing you will want to watch over. Each and every time you watch it again a layer of substance is shed, revealing another layer of substance more intriguing than the last. See ‘The Wall’s” story really is about so many things. To me, being a parent, it’s about how much power and influence we can have as parents and how we have the ability to really do some hardcore mental damage to our children if not careful. It’s also a case study on how damaged our society is. How we idolize rock stars instead of teachers or doctors, or scientists. “The Wall” may have well been subtitled “The Decline of the Western Civilization- the Pink years” for it is every bit about how much rot has accumulated in our popular culture and how we are on a expressway trip to hell. Nothing new, right? But it’s ultimately also a story of optimism that things can be different because it takes us on a first hand journey of what’s wrong with us so we can know what’s right. Ultimately, to me, “The Wall” is a cautionary tale on how not to raise your children…I know you were waiting for the optimism…There it is. Now go and do likewise boys and girls…

I first saw the Wall in the late 80’s. I think 87 or 88. I gave it a 9 of 10 then. But the more I watched it the greater that number became. Out of the almost 200 films I own, “The Wall” is one of few that I have on my regular rotation list. I have it on my iPhone,  iPad, my i Mac, on Blu Ray and on DVD. I can watch it at anytime, anywhere and I often do. For every time I watch it I think of how my two little girls can gravitate towards someone as nihilistic and self destructive as Pink. I ponder the extent of my own anti socialistic tendencies and know how I must be better. How I must not fail my children. I bet Roger Waters and David Gilmour did not have that in mind when they sat down and fleshed out the album but I am ever so grateful and thankful they did.

“Did you see the frightened ones?
Did you hear the falling bombs?
The flames are all gone, but the pain lingers on” – R. Waters

– Orlando G Acosta

Retro Review: “Pink Floyd The Wall” – Just nod if you can hear!

2 Sep