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Midian needs YOU! The Nightbreed await your support!

13 Oct




Back in 1988 British Horror Master Clive Barker took us on a breathtaking journey to a ‘world within a world’ (one of many he would take us on), a world where the monsters were the true victims, at the hands of a ‘civilized society’; the true antagonists. The film adaptation, Nightbreed, would soon follow. While the film, for various reasons, did not fare well with critics and audiences, it has been near and dear to me since seeing it in the theaters upon its release. See Clive and I have a few things common, besides both being Libra’s (his birthday is 2 days before mine), we both favor the ‘monsters’ of story to the humans, who, generally are the true ‘monsters’. Nightbreed does such a good job in portraying that. But, like most literary adaptations, not all went well in terms of transmigrating all of it’s written pieces to celluloid. Of course, Morgan Creek, wanting to ensure that the film is ‘marketable’, made a lot of editorial decisions that resulted in diluting the full potency of the film and stifling Clive Barker’s vision.

If you haven’t seen the film you really need to. Especially if you appreciate films where the Monsters are the empathized ones and the humans are booed. Kind of like Frankenstein or Hellboy (for the younger crowd). The creatures are well fleshed out and acted and Danny Elfman’s score is among his best. David Cronenberg really outdoes himself as the despicable Dr. Decker. Although literature is Clive Barker’s first medium of mastery, this guy can direct too (and paint. I love his paintings). I’m sure the Nightbreed will find their way into your heart by the time the end credits roll (for me it started with the opening credits).

I asked Clive about the fabled extended cut of the film some years ago, between 95 and 96. I remember him telling me that Lumivision had the Laserdisc rights to ‘Nightbreed’ and were set to release. Well…We may not all know Lumivision’s fate but we know the fate of the Laserdisc. So…Fast Forward to 2012…We still do not have the version of ‘Cabal’ we down right deserve. But what can anyone do about it? I am glad you asked…

There’s a rumbling going down right now in Midian boys and girls. A movement called ‘Occupy Midian’. These folks give a damn and are doing more than their part to put pressure on the powers that be to allow ‘Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut’, to see the light of day. But what can you do? Support them…If you’ve seen the cut Warner Brothers released and you’ve read the book, you know what potential was left on the cutting room floor. This footage has been restored! That’s the great news. But the reality is that movies cost money to distribute and ‘The Cabal Cut’ is not on anyone’s priority list to release. At least, not on the list of those in power to release. That’s where we the fans come in! Go to, like them on Facebook, sign the petitions to release. Visit a screening (all proceeds go to a Blu Ray release) of the new film. We have to take action! Just ask yourself ” what would Boone do?”


– Orlando G Acosta


Swamp Thing reboot…..when?

4 Oct

Every so often I get this kick to revisit superheroes and monsters I grew up with. While I have always related more to monsters than super heroes, both made up the very fabric of my puberty and then some. 

Make no mistake, given the option I always side with monsters. One of my favorite films is “Nightbreed”, which is based on Clive Barker’s excellent novel “Cabal”(directed by the man himself). Also the classic Universal and Hammer monster movies of yore still, to this day play a critical role in my psyche. Going back to “Cabal” for a second…I love it when Monsters are portrayed as the good guys and humans as the antagonizers. If you watch Guiullermo Del Toro movies you will also feel this. Mary Shelly did a great job making us empathize with monsters since the 1800’s. 

Which brings me to Swamp Thing. He, in my opinion, is the perfect embodiment of Monster and Hero. While I really thought Wes Craven did an amazing job capturing this in his 1982 adaptation, I feel a reboot has been long overdue. In 2009 Joel Silver had announced that a reboot, in 3D, would happen and that Akiva Goldsman would pen (the guy behind the 2 crappiest Batman flicks, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin) and that Vicenzo Natali would helm. Vicenzo could pull it off. I thought his debut film “The Cube” was very imaginative and well done. I know he’s also been working on William Gibson’s “Neuromancer”, which would be very challenging to flesh out. I read reports that he may not do “Swamp Thing” after all but the project is still under his name. Personally, I feel Guillermo Del Toro would do a better job and, more recently, I read an interview with him in where he expressed interest in the project.

In order for “Swamp Thing” to work it really needs a writer and director team who understand and empathize with monsters. You really need to get in the monster’s head to understand their motivation. What drives them. Swamp Thing goes beyond good and evil, right and wrong. He wrestles with his primal instincts and a desire to enact revenge, balanced with his pre-monster passions. But that depends on if we’re talking Alan Moore’s “Swamp Thing” or, everybody else’s. Most stories, the animated series, the tv series and Wes Craven’s flick have deviated quite a bit from Alan’s vision. And that’s a good thing I feel for the tone should be much darker and cerebral than what came out of Alan Moore’s head. 

So…To conclude this. Vicenzo could be good, Guillermo excellent. The writer Akiva?…I still hate you for shitting all over Gotham city! I can write it better… Someone get Clive Barker to write it! That would be an “Swamp Thing” for the ages!