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Disney,again, proves just how shallow they are!

12 Jan

Shake it up! The Suite Life? Jessie? Something and Ally? This is the kind of prepubescent crap available for kids to watch these days. Gone are the days of Old Yeller and Mickey Mouse. Seriously, with Disney’s huge back catalog why do they insist on spending their ‘not so hard earned’ money on crap like a couple of kids living on a fancy cruise ship?

As I sit here, listening to Joseph Trapanese’s wonderfully Daft Punk-ish TRON UPRISING score, I begin to think that, aside from a home video release, this is it. Why? Because a day after the TRON UPRISING soundtrack was released, Disney leaked out that they do not have any plans to bring back

Elijah Wood and company for another pass down the Grid.

For the uninitiated. TRON UPRISING is the animated series that made its debut last year on Disney XD. It take place between the original 1982 classic and its proper sequel, TRON LEGACY. It follows the exploits of Beck. A young dreamer who is tired of the oppressiveness that is ever swelling on the Grid and is mentored by the man himself, TRON, to be a fighter for the people. TRON is already enlisted by CLU but is not fully succumbed to him like he is in LEGACY. He begins training Beck as the Renegade. Could the Renegade be the next TRON? We may never know because Disney is saying “End of Line man!”

On one end I am not at all surprised. I’m old enough to remember how the original TRON was so dismissed my the mainstream. I was 9 when a family friend took me to see it in the theaters. I immediately fell in love with it. It was so many light years ahead of the world back then and still holds its own as being unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before. Steve Lisberger was a visionary but the masses weren’t ready for TRON. I and, thousands others were. TRON was a modest success but was shunned by many and it took 28 years to release a sequel…28 years for Disney to realize that they were missing out on one of the freshest ideas ever! TRON LEGACY was released in late 2010. Budgeted at around 170 million it raked in more than 400 million globally, and counting. LEGACY, like it’s predecessor, experienced mixed reviews but was successful enough for the powers that be at Disney to green light UPRISING. I, for one, love LEGACY. I feel it captured the essence of TRON wonderfully. All the doubt I had about Kosinski, being a movie filmmaker, quickly went away shortly after the first few frames. I’m sure Lisberger was proud. I’d be.

But now, after almost a year, a crappy time slot and miss handled marketing, UPRISING may not return ever again. That’s a shame because there is so much story left to be told. Paul Reuben’s character was really starting to take shape as was Mandy Moore’s. And what about a Obi Wan-Anakin-style showdown between Beck and Tron? The last episode has not aired yet as of me writing this but…It’s not looking like it.

I have included a link for a petition I created, to see if enough pressure can be placed on the suits at Disney to reconsider. They need to know that there are like minded individuals out there who prefer creativity over fodder, substance over pre-teen garbage. The money is theirs. It’s their choice to give us another 10 seasons of Shake it up! or, try something with more value, respect and quality… Keep UPRISING alive!

Sign the petition! Be heard! We are Users, not programs!

– Orlando G Acosta


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